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Founders / The Aspinalls

Mum, Dad and Big Sister Darcy

Loui's Home Team. The People who shout the loudest for him. His voice, eyes, ears and heart to carry on his legacy. Emma, Gavin and Darcy (The Aspinall's) are truly one of the most incredibly humble and inspirational families, although they wouldn't think so. Emma (Loui's Mum) is an Infant Swim survival Instructor and has so much support from Gavin (Loui's Dad) and Darcy (Loui's Big Sister).


Tim Aspinall

(Loui's Grandad)

As Loui's grandad and Gavin's Dad, Tim has been apart of Doit4Loui since the very beginning. He has been a huge support and advocate for his Grandson's Legacy and has always given 100%! He puts huge amounts of time into researching for the Charity and is our number one problem solver. 

Loui's Grandma

Anne Aspinall

(Loui's Grandma)

Anne is Loui's Grandma.  Just like her husband Tim, she has been behind Doit4Loui from the get go for her Grandson's Legacy. She is such a caring person and Anne has many qualities, but the one that exceeds them all is the love for her family.

Uncle Si

Simon Aspinall

(Loui's Uncle)

Simon is Loui's Uncle. He helped to kick start Doit4Loui back in 2015, and was the first person to do a fundraiser.  Simon ran the Manchester Marathon, and raised over £2000. He has organised and taken part in numerous other fundraising events, and has been behind Doit4Loui right from the very start. 

Vice Chair

Danny Jones

Danny has been, and continues to be a big support to Doit4Loui. He is a family friend  and is a great advocate who raises awareness whenever he gets the opportunity. Danny has a great outlook on Doit4Loui and is eager to help the charity grow. 

Head of Merch

Jenna Jones

Jenna is another great advocate for Doit4Loui and spreads the word on Child Drowning Prevention wherever and whenever she can.

 Jenna has her own business at Forever Together where she always gives 110% and goes above and beyond for every customer.

 She has Doit4Loui very close to her heart and we know she will give everything she can to help our mission, to Stop Children Drowning


Jordon Leigh

Jordon was the very first person to register her daughter for Infant Swim Survival lessons when I first began teaching.

She showed such great interest in Doit4Loui and always offered her help in anyway she could. She raises awareness on Child Drowning Prevention and continues to educate parents wherever she goes.

Jordon hopes to become in Infant Swim Survival instructor herself one day and I know she will be amazing.

emma h.jpg

Emma Harvey

Emma has successfully run her own business for many years. She has drive and determination like you wouldn't believe and has chosen to give some of that to Doit4Loui. She runs a tight ship which is why we know she is the perfect Chair for our charity. 

Head of Fundraising

Beca Jones

 Beca has so much energy, motivation and is full of great ideas when it comes to raising funds. She has helped many other charities over the years and is also part of a school committee. Beca also has her own photography business, where she uses every opportunity to educate parents on Child Drowning Prevention.

She is such a big voice for Doit4Loui and there is no stopping her once she gets an idea in her head. 

Woody/Family Friend

Martin Wood

Martin (Woody, as we call him) is a very close and long term friend of Gavin and Emma. He, along with his wife Nicola have been a huge support to the family at the darkest of times. Martin is full of enthusiasm for Doit4Loui and is currently training for the Iron Man, in which he hopes to raise awareness and funds for Doit4Loui.


Paula Cheetham-Serjent

Paula took her two beautiful little boys Theo and Ted to Infant Swim Survival. She was so amazed with what they both learned that she decided she wanted to join our mission of Child Drowning Prevention and become an instructor.

Paula along with her family made the trip to America for 4 weeks and came home fully trained to teach at Infant Swim Survival. Many more children have been taught these extremely important life skills, thanks to Paula.

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