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Jordon - Mum of Paiten

I first came across Doit4Loui on facebook, reading Emma and her family’s heartbreaking story instantly I remembered a documentary I’d previously watched saying how drowning was the number one cause of infant deaths in the world. It didn't matter that we didn't live in a hot country and we didn't have a pool constantly in the back garden, what mattered was we are all still surrounded by water at some point in our life meaning so would my daughter. Almost instinctively i contacted Emma and showed an interest in her lessons. She sent me some links to videos and asked me to watch them and read all the information before I decided to register but honestly looking back my mind was already made up. A week before the lessons started, I did start to doubt my decision as when I was telling people about what I’d signed up for, all i received was what felt like negativity towards the idea. But to be honest the doubt lasted no longer than 5 minutes as I knew I wanted Paiten to have this life saving skill that I didn’t, and when it comes down to it it’s me and her dad who needs to decide whats best for Paiten. How could we ignore this opportunity and information that so many parents heartbreakingly never had the chance to get before it was too late?

 Leading up to the lessons in no way did Emma ever hide anything from me, she told me there would definitely be heart stopping moments and seconds where I would want to jump in and cradle my baby girl and yeah there was times where I thought ‘That was long!!’ but not once did I ever doubt Emma… I a hundred percent knew that in no way was Paiten in danger. For the first time in 18 months I trusted a stranger with my baby, it sounds crazy even admitting it but meeting Emma i felt emotionally connected to her as a mother. I could only imagine what she had been through and even just thinking about it reduced me to tears. You think the worst will never happen to you but it could, this was a normal family from wigan and it happened to them..that could have easily been my family or even yours and this makes me feel so strongly about the fact every child should have MANDATORY infant swim survival sessions and I know Emma feels even stronger. 

During every lesson I felt so calm even when Paiten was eventually left to get up to the surface by herself! People always say “Oh it’s tight, do you not feel cruel?’’ Well no I don’t, she cried a little, what baby doesn't when they don’t want to do something? I don’t let her miss immunisations and I don’t let her go in the car with no seatbelt and I definitely don’t let her just run off into the road just because she cries! Sometimes being a parent you have to be ‘cruel’ to be kind, Paiten respects the water so much more now and she definitely hasn't been left traumatised or scared, she actually loves jumping into her paddling pool and getting in the bath splashing around! I am so proud of her and the fact that when in deep water she knows what to do to survive, not a lot of adults can say they know how to, never mind a toddler!

I have actually become so ‘protective’ of the Doit4loui story because I have met Emma, her husband and their daughter and out of their heartbreak they have given my daughter the skill she needs to survive should she ever need it. I automatically correct people when they say “swimming lessons’ No, this is float n survive! Survive first, have fun later! People always look for negatives, i guess its in their nature but this program saves children's lives..no negatives can come with that! Without a shadow of a doubt every time I am on holiday, walking down the canal or by any water I will always remember what Emma, Gavin and Darcy did and especially the loss in which they suffered. I owe them so much more than i can give them.

I tell everyone about these lessons, I show everyone Paiten’s videos and I tell everyone about what happened to Loui and what an amazing thing his mum and his family have done. Why? Because its something that I am passionate about, something that has touched me since hearing about it. Now ask yourself…would any mother be passionate about infant swim survival if it was anything but an incredible skill to give to your child?

I hope reading this will encourage you to give your child the best set of skills to survive, I mean thats parenting isn't it? We prepare our children for any situation in this world that we can, right?

Gillian Wright- Mum of Elliot

"I booked my son who just turned two onto the course because I had seen the fundraising and thought it seemed like the most amazing thing and for added re-assurance with us going on holiday.

My son didn't particularly enjoy parts of the lessons and would sometimes cry during it but I knew he was just being stubborn because every day he would get out of the car and run to the pool and within 2 minutes getting out he was back to his cheeky self. I figured that he was just trying to exert some control as toddlers do.

The progress through the lessons was amazing, I couldn't believe that this all happened in just 10 minute lessons! I cannot speak highly enough of Emma's way with the children, she is so engaging with them even when they was trying it on. I'm absolutely amazed and so proud when I take my son swimming and he continues to practise the skills he's learnt with Emma.

Don't get me wrong theres a few lessons that are hard to watch but that's all part of being a parent, watching them struggle and find their own solutions in a safe and structured way, and there's no doubt that Emma knows her stuff and putting her own experiences forward to help other people.

I would recommend anyone with young children should do this, I cannot understand why it is only just taking off over here, it seems completely senseless that this is not more widespread  when it's a survival skill that can be taught"

Jenna - Mum of Jenson

When I first heard of the Doit4loui infant swim survival lessons, I admit I was a little apprehensive but at the same time eager to find out more. I initially kept thinking, how can I let someone else have full control over my baby boy in water and watch him get upset if he didn't like what was being taught to him. However, I was instantly put at ease by Emma who went through everything with me step by step and answered all the questions I had honestly. Don't get me wrong, there were times during Jenson's first couple of lessons that I was at the end of my seat but after only 4 lessons passed he also started to feel at ease and very comfortable in the water. Emma works one to one with the children and builds individual relationships with each child which itself is brilliant. Emma has so much patience and the skill in which she is teaching the children is just mind blowing. My son has finished his course and now as one session a week to keep him refreshed. He loves it and we struggle to get him out of the water now! We have just got back off holiday and it was just amazing to see him, at just 3 years old swimming without ANY flotation devices and feeling so relaxed about it. He swam from myself to his father and if he didn't quite reach, he would flip into his float to get his breathe back and then carry on swimming to us. Everyone around was amazed at how he could float and swim at such a young age. We made sure that everyone knew that it was thanks to Emma and just how proud we are of what she does! As a family they have been through the unthinkable and to still get up every day to do what they do, to help prevent a child from drowning is just incredible! This has changed our lives massively around water as we are confident in knowing that if Jenson ever came into difficulty he would be able to self rescue until help arrived! The Aspinall family are absolutely fantastic and we are very proud to call them our friends! We cannot thank them enough for what they have done and 100% recommend everyone these Infant Swim Survival Lessons!